Positive Pay


Positive Pay is one of the most effective anti-fraud tools available. Positive Pay means your business transmits a file of checks written daily. When checks are presented for payment on your account they are compared electronically with the transmitted list. When a check doesn’t match one in the file, it becomes an exception item and your business can review the images through Internet Banking before they are paid or returned.


  • Electronically matches incoming ACH transactions to authorizations you have provided    
  • Integrated data mapping utility allows the bank to accept issued check file formats that are native to the client's accounting system, thus virtually eliminating custom interfaces    
  • Integration with the teller system provides front line defense against check fraud    
  • On-line check reconciliation to assist you with balancing to your bank statement    
  • On-line exception management enables you to make pay/return decisions via the web for check exceptions    
  • Secure web interface


  • Reduces fraud by detecting suspicious check activity    
  • Helps to eliminate financial loss before it happens    
  • Provides increased control over check activity    
  • Only exceptions have to be reviewed saving valuable time    
  • Pay or return decisions can be made via Internet Banking    
  • User entitlements can be set to aid in the decision process

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