Debit Card

Our Visa® Debit Card is versatile to a fault! Access your banking account with a CoreFirst Visa® Debit Card. Make purchases, set up recurring payments, pay for online purchases or get cash from the ATM without a checkbook. It’s safe and easy to use.


  • Use your card wherever Visa is accepted
  • Get added security at retailers with Chip Technology
  • Purchase transactions are detailed on Internet Banking or your monthly bank statement
  • Add your debit card to your electronic wallet - Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay
  • Use your debit card to pay online or use it to setup recurring monthly payments like utilities, car payments and gym memberships

PIN vs. Signed Debit Card Transactions:

Your Debit Card transactions are deducted directly from your CoreFirst banking account and are viewable on your Internet Banking history and monthly account statement.

When using your card for purchases you can use your card in more than one way. Your card can be utilized with your PIN or you can choose credit at the terminal and sign for your transaction. Some merchants can automatically ask you for a PIN, but you as the consumer have a choice and can process the transaction as credit.

Signed Credit TransactionsDebit PIN Transactions
Just sign and go making the transaction easy and more secure because your PIN is not entered in a public setting 
Detailed information on merchant on your monthly statement 


Make sure to contact CoreFirst before you travel so your trip is hassle-free when making purchases with your Visa Debit Card. Notifying us in advance will ensure your card transactions are not blocked by our fraud monitoring system. Without prior notification, transactions could potentially be blocked when transactions appear out of your normal spending behavior for your account.