Safe Deposit Box


Keep what’s important to you protected in a safe deposit box. Boxes are a safe way to store important items and documents away from your home or business. Box sizes range from 2 x 5 to 15 x 25 and are available at select locations. Branches that have safe deposit boxes can be found on our locations page and are notated accordingly. 

What to Keep in Your Box?

Anything that might be valuable is a good start, such as: negotiable documents, jewelry, coins or important certificates. Check the information below for ideas on what you should protect in a box.


• Jewelry
• Coin Collections
• Stamp Collections
• Gold
• Bond Certificates
• Stock Certificates

• Articles of Incorporation
• Succession Planning Materials
• Trademark Paperwork
• Copyright Information
• Charter Information
• Other legal documents
• Copies of Wills
• Copies of Power of Attorney
• PC Backups
• Real Estate Deeds
• Mortgage Documents
• Tax Returns

Learn More:

To learn more about box rentals and size availability, visit with one of our Personal Bankers at any of our branch locations with boxes. 

contact-us Call 785.267.8900 or 1.800.280.0123    

LOCATION_ICON Stop by any branch location 

As a reminder, unlike bank accounts, the contents of your box are not FDIC insured.